E14 25 Watt Oven Lamp

E14 25 Watt Oven Lamp
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Xinrong Electric also offer you the best price e14 25w oven bulb in China.Welcome to purchase our 25 watt oven lamp. This kind of oven bulb is vacuum or injection with inactive gas,and we use imported glue, resistance to high temperature soldering and high temperature resistant materials to design bulb for guaranteeing our oven light bulb e14 25w can pass Whirlpool Thermal circle test in 300°C high temperature circumstance.So Xinrong Electric is your wise choice whether oven light bulb or oven lamp holder!

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Product Specifications of e14 25w oven bulb

We produce two types e14 25 watt oven lamp: e14 25W T300 110-130V and e14 25W T300 220-240V oven lamp

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Bulb Diameter 

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OSRAM Oven LAB Testing Equipments And IEC Oven Testing Oven Equipments

1. All computer-control high temperature circumstance test

2. Analysis machine for filaments shockness testing

3. Torque test equipment


Some High Strength Testing For Oven Bulbs



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Welcome to buy or wholesale the high quality and durable e14 25 watt oven lamp made in China from our factory. Xinrong Electric is one of leading such manufacturers and suppliers in China. And the customized service and the free sample are also available.