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are oven light bulbs different

Apr 27, 2018

The answer is certainly yes! Now there are two types oven light bulbs: incandescent oven light bulbs and halogen oven light bulbs.Since 1878, when Thomas Edison invented the first efficient light bulbs, light bulbs has experienced various changes.In the 20th century, electricity became common power, new types of bulbs help increase indoor lighting requirements and energy consumption problems.

Incandescent oven light bulbs

Oven bulbs are common incandescent bulbs, but they are more demanding than ordinary incandescent bulbs. Tungsten filaments, lamp caps and blister adhesives are all required to withstand high temperatures.The traditional light bulb use tungsten filament heating power. Xinrong Electric produces two kinds of incandescent oven light bulbs: E14 15W oven light bulb and E14 25W oven light bulb.

E14 15W oven light bulb

E14灯泡 15W.jpg

E14 25W oven light bulb

E14灯泡 25W.jpg

Halogen oven light bulbs

Like incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs also use tungsten filament.But it is encapsulated in a tube containing halogen gas.The chemical reaction in tungsten last much longer than traditional light bulbs. Halogen bulbs can not be touched directly because of oil will weaken the glass on the finger and may lead to broken glass.Xinrong Electric produces two kinds of halogen oven light bulbs: E14 18-40W oven light bulb and G9 18-40W oven light bulb.

E14 18-40W oven light bulb

E14 卤泡18-40W.jpg

G9 18-40W oven light bulb

G9 卤泡18-40W.jpg