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Downlight features

Dec 28, 2016

1, compact and high luminous flux. Equipped with energy-saving lamps incandescent power consumption 1/5, life is ended

Light 6 times, maintained a 175-compact design, inhibited the presence of lamps to create a bright space.

2, the two mirror and frosted reflector. Bring the specular reflection of light flashes, the Hui to reconcile 

with moderate frosted reflector on the ceiling.

3, slide the fixing clamp is used, the construction is convenient. 3mm to 25mm different thickness can be installed 

on the ceiling, and lamps that can be easily removed for maintenance.

4, there are many energy-saving lamp color temperature, commonly used are 6400K (white), 4000K (neutral), 2700K (yellow) 

of the three types, the three color temperatures can create a different atmosphere. According to different uses to select 

the most appropriate color lamp.