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Halogen Bulb Damage Reason and Repair

Oct 24, 2017

Halogen Bulb Damage Reason and Repair
Halogen Bulb is usually broken into two reasons, one, Halogen Bulb chip and drive burned out, two, wiring the wrong line or connected to the line itself has been aging.
So how to solve this problem? Many consumers feel burned two light Halogen Bulb do not have trouble to repair the manufacturers, their own hands to solve this problem! This solution is not good, why? Because Halogen Bulb itself with a certain technical content can be repaired. Consumers who do not understand Halogen Bulb try not to repair themselves as much as possible. There are broken Halogen Bulb pile up, a one-time delivery back to the home to help repair. Then the pile of Halogen Bulb, then I now use Halogen Bulb to lighting? You can consult the manufacturers from the number of Halogen Bulb can be purchased. When you use more than a dozen Halogen Bulb, you will start to repel all of the accumulated Halogen Bulb back to the factory, but also a one-year warranty.
Now talk about wiring problems. The line itself began to age, in the course of the aging process which will Halogen Bulb normal operation will increase the luminosity but will bring Halogen Bulb easy to damage, easy to waste electricity, large service life shortened. Light Halogen Bulb damage, serious consequences will bring a fire. Remember, to find a formal technical professional wiring electrician.
Halogen Bulb is a very special lamp, its light into a flame form, and there is no danger, mercury (Hg) and other environmentally harmful substances, will not cause damage to the environment, non-infrared, UV, The Its exquisite appearance and beautiful shape of course is the main purpose of everyone to buy. Although its prototype is a candle, but the material used to build ceramics, so the demand for candle light is still great.
Halogen Bulb some of the rated voltage, voltage range, rated power, rated frequency, and the product of the internal material mask material and all the chips, will be marked on the product box, the more general superior products, will be written in the box The more clear. LED chip light source is stable, not easy to flash, there is no uneven light, soft color, do not hurt the eyes. Halogen Bulb Whether we can shoot with a camcorder, so that it is easy to see if there is flashing between the lights.
ED candle light shell will also affect the luminous uniform light, the general candle light shell is divided into two, transparent and milky white. Get the lamp after we first look at the lamp and the lamp part of the link is loose, tilted head phenomenon, while the shell is no cracks, loosening, sealing should not be prying traces. And then use the baffle to see if the light from the Halogen Bulb is evenly on the baffle and whether there is a dark spot.
Halogen Bulb luminous performance, the chip light, no harmful substances, but there is a big shortcomings of heat, this time is to test the cooling performance of our lamps, and now there are two kinds of materials for the use of heat, one is aluminum, One is ceramic. Ceramic material spread to the heat performance is relatively good, and strong, a good heat dissipation Halogen Bulb, in order to achieve the minimum design 100,000 hours of product standards.
In order to highlight the key locations and items of lighting, usually with a projection angle clear Halogen Bulb, the illumination is generally higher than the surrounding of the basic lighting 2-3 times, play an emphasis on the role. Halogen Bulb itself is very decorative, or light source color, shape is very decorative form of lighting, will form the visual focus of space. Halogen Bulb lighting, such as reading, sewing, kitchen operation, etc., is designed to meet the needs of a particular function, so Halogen Bulb brightness and light color must be absolutely functional. In the regulation of lighting and dress up, will show a different style, to express different emotions, through the light color, brightness, projection direction changes, can create a serious, magnificent, warm, romantic and other atmosphere.