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Halogen Oven Lamp Holder wiring device precautions

Sep 26, 2017

Halogen Oven Lamp Holder wiring device precautions
Lighting as we usually lighting things, since the lamp Edison invented the first light, we continue to carry out the lamps and lanterns to carry out the variety of light has varied, very rich. In our home decoration in the light can not be separated from the light halogen lamp connector, on the light halogen lamp connector to be very careful, can not have the slightest effect, then the halogen lamp terminal devices are those energy-saving lamps need to pay attention to us? Take a look at the Halogen Oven Lamp Holder wiring device precautions.
When we installed the Halogen Oven Lamp Holder, it is important to admit that the halogen socket of the halogen socket is not fit with the voltage specification, the quality is not clearance, there is no damage and so on. The minimum cross-section of the wire of the Halogen Oven Lamp Holder should be in accordance with the minimum cross-sectional area stipulated by the state. If the minimum cross-section of the conductor of the Halogen Oven Lamp Holder is lower than the minimum cross-sectional area specified by the state, it is easy to cause the wire to burn, And even the fire incident. So, when we give the Halogen Oven Lamp Holder wiring must be selected to exceed the national standard minimum cross-section of the wire to ensure that the future operation of the Halogen Oven Lamp Holder.
Incandescent lamps must have been the most common lamps in the past, although the city is now rarely seen, but in most rural areas is still no small shopping malls. Incandescent Halogen Oven Lamp Holder and fluorescent lamps and other halogen holders, are used in the screw halves lampholders, screw halves lampholder structure simple device facilities. In the screw to the Halogen Oven Lamp Holder device before the first to recognize the halogen holder is not lacking, there is no leakage phenomenon, due to the structure of the screw halogen lampholder on the leakage method is relatively small, so we in the device screw Halogen Oven Lamp Holder to recognize the quality of the Halogen Oven Lamp Holder.
Screw mouth because of its simple structure, so when the wiring is also relatively simple. We only need to connect the wire to connect the pin of the base of the terminal above the terminal, the zero line connected to the screw on the top of the terminal on it. On the switch with a screw halt lamp holder, we have to pay attention to the Halogen Oven Lamp Holder switch some, because the switch with a screw halo lamp holder from the lamp close, if the quality of the switch, but it is easy to attack leakage side, So we have a switch with a screw in the mouth of the time to pay attention to the screw halo lamp holder switch, the switch can not reveal some of the metal, if exposed to some of the metal then do not use, to timely replacement.
We are in the installation of Halogen Oven Lamp Holder when the most basic is to install strong, especially in the top of the roof of the halogen lampholders, if the device is not strong is easy to fall off the trouble.
  Into the electrical age, "electricity" to everyone's work and days to provide a lot of convenience, the main table now all kinds of household appliances throughout the application. Household appliances mainly through the switch, halogen lamp to obtain power, so the switch and the use of Halogen Oven Lamp Holder is very high frequency. But if the switch and halogen lamp seat selection, installation or improper use, it is easy to trigger a fire incident. Of course, we LED needles do not have to choke, just to be taken seriously, and do the following work, the incident is completely preventable.
    First, the correct selection, that is, according to the total capacity of household appliances and the specific use of the environment, select the appropriate switch and halogen holder. Humidity should be used in large places should be used fire switch and cable switch; corrosive items or dust than the bayonet lamp large indoor installation switch, Halogen Oven Lamp Holder, but should be installed outdoors; with burning, blasting the risk of the place should be selected Fire or explosion-proof switch and halogen holder.
    Second, the switch, Halogen Oven Lamp Holder of the additional current and additional voltage should be consistent with the practice of electricity. Not wanton overload, to avoid overloading the line baking wood to form a short circuit lead to fire.