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High efficiency, low energy consumption

Dec 28, 2016

Nano ceramic electrode fluorescent tube, is a means of permanent electrodes made of ceramic material, tungsten electrode of electric lighting patents before the alternative products. Nano ceramic electrode fluorescent lamp technology changes the traditional fluorescent lamp technology, materials and structure. Dramatically improve the service life of the lamps, there is no international precedent.

Nano ceramic electrode service life of the fluorescent tube more than 30,000 hours, successfully solved problems such as short service life of the fluorescent lamp, is the replacement of fluorescent lamps. Nano ceramic electrode manufacturing lamps replacing incandescent lamps for lighting, in the case of energy-saving 92% life 20 times; replaced fluorescent energy-saving 65%, longevity more than 6 times.

Nano ceramic electrode fluorescent lamps for high efficiency, low consumption, long service life, adjustable light's unique performance, in line with the concept of green lighting. 188W Nano ceramic electrode fluorescent lamp replacing 400W road lights, has a practical application, and has never been more brilliant prospects. Renowned economist pointed out: Nano-ceramic electrode fluorescent lamp technology products, is the 21st century's most profitable project Nano-ceramic electrode fluorescent lamp, the pride of human science and technology!