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How does Incandescent Bulb product develop for consumers to accept?

Sep 26, 2017

How does Incandescent Bulb product develop for consumers to accept?
        With the rapid development of white light Incandescent Bulb technology, Incandescent Bulb application has been gradually changed from "lighting engineering auxiliary lighting" to "indoor commercial lighting" and "home lighting". Even so, but Incandescent Bulbs to be widely accepted by the market, need to go through a period of price competition. While the price of vicious competition, but it makes a lot of people ignore the Incandescent Bulb product quality.
At present, many companies in order to occupy the early Incandescent Bulb lighting market, expand product shipments, not to ensure product quality under the premise of reducing costs, but the product design "optimization - optimization - re-optimization" , Set the most basic reliability requirements of Incandescent Bulbs regardless. "No cheapest, only cheaper", they sacrifice product quality, shorten product life.
This irresponsible behavior for the consumer, the whole market is hateful, the enterprise is more sad. Such enterprises in the early stages of development may earn a lot of money, but from the long-term development point of view, rely on such products to foothold, not only can not establish their own brand, but will become "inferior products" synonymous. Incandescent Bulbs in order to be widely used in all walks of life, a real energy-saving products, in addition to price cuts, but also must ensure its quality, otherwise it will lose the Incandescent Bulb presence and development value.
Does the Incandescent Bulb not reduce the cost? of course not! Any long-term steady development of any consumer goods, cost reduction is necessary, but also inevitable. But the price of Incandescent Bulbs to a reasonable range, to comply with the law of development, we can not sacrifice the quality of the product at the expense.
Many people have such misunderstanding, that the traditional fluorescent and Incandescent Bulb since they are known as "energy-saving lamps", then the price of Incandescent Bulbs should be the same as fluorescent. This understanding is one-sided and unreasonable, we should be from the two products of the life cycle to understand and compare their price and value. Take the example of traditional fluorescent lamps to replace incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps are more advanced than the incandescent light source. Fluorescent lamps have higher luminous flux, longer life and better lighting, but the price of fluorescent lamps has not fallen to incandescent levels as manufacturing technology continues to progress, but several times higher than Incandescent Bulbs, but fluorescent lamps Has now been widely accepted by the market. Similarly, Incandescent Bulbs as a more advanced than the fluorescent light source, will also follow this development law.
In fact, with Incandescent Bulb packaging technology, drive technology, thermal technology and other aspects of the continuous improvement and improvement, at present, Incandescent Bulb prices have been a significant decline. But in order to reduce the price to the price of traditional energy-saving lamps, for the time being is still impossible.
In addition, different times have different consumer attitudes. Now the main consumer groups in the country is constantly changing, consumption levels and consumer attitudes are constantly changing, they are more willing to choose cost-effective and higher technology content of the product, rather than price-oriented selection of products. Just as the phone is expensive, but selling very fire; before the cottage phone staged a short crazy, but now has gone to the demise. It can be seen that can survive, often high quality, cost-effective products and brands. With the development of the market, the price is no longer the only factor in determining product sales.
So, how can Incandescent Bulb products develop to allow consumers to accept? This problem requires companies and consumers to think and work together. Enterprises in the development of products, we must know the needs of consumers and mind. Consumers must also be more rational, more objective choice of product consumption, to the enterprise more accurate feedback. Enterprises based on consumer feedback to re-adjust the product, the development of more cost-effective products.