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How to buy Halogen Bulb

Oct 13, 2017

How to buy Halogen Bulb
Halogen Bulb has been in the decoration industry for a long time. More and more offices and even families can find it in its footprints. Because Halogen Bulb has some other lamps can not match the applicability of indoor lighting, more and more people welcome. How to choose qualified, suitable Halogen Bulb, Halogen Bulb spotlights?
Selection method:
1, from the health, the use of non-toxic materials designed Halogen Bulb product prices are high, do not choose cheap Halogen Bulb, there are only a few Halogen Bulb manufacturers are non-toxic materials, Directly with the nose, the smell of the product is much lower than the odorless price.
2, downlight, spotlights mainly by the lamp, transformer, lamp cup, buckle composition. These are the core part, to seize these quality, the basic can buy their favorite products.
3, downlight, spotlights, have the size, the general downlight can be divided into: large (5 inch) in (4 inch) small (2.5 inch) three. According to smallpox, space height, select the appropriate color, size.
4, Halogen Bulb its light angle is not the same. Special light angle, the price is higher. Such as the full diffuse angle Halogen Bulb, the price is higher.
Halogen Bulb
5, Halogen Bulb quality is the key to life, life is determined by the light fade. Light fades small, long life, long life, high prices.
6, Halogen Bulb luminous body for the wafer, different chips, the price difference is very large. Japan, the United States of the chip more expensive, generally Taiwan and domestic chip prices lower than Japan, the United States.
7, light bulbs can be divided into: There are 2700k (yellow), 4000k (neutral light), 6700k (white) of the three types, these three color temperature can create a different atmosphere. According to different colors with the most perfect use to choose the most appropriate color lights. Halogen Bulb with the same wavelength, the same color, such as the required color, the price is high. The manufacturer of Halogen Bulb spectrophotometer is difficult to produce pure color products.
8, from the application of environmental safety, a reliable dust and moisture-proof design, material fire, UV, anti-low temperature cracking Halogen Bulb high prices.
Many people in the new home decoration, the general will hang the ceiling, one seems to have a level of three-dimensional, and secondly to cover some of the beams! To more prominent layers of smallpox, to create a warm living environment, also installed ceiling and smallpox Halogen Bulb.
How did you choose when choosing Halogen Bulb? Is not the color of water, but I do not know what type of choice? Here are some of the indoor use of Halogen Bulb knowledge, as you choose the reference!
From the color points, Halogen Bulb has "colorful" "white" "warm white" "red" "green" "yellow" "blue" and so on. In theory, Halogen Bulb can bring up a lot of colors, but the mainstream is so several, according to the different color temperature, there will be some "deviation." For example, "warm white" on the sub-2000K and 4000K color temperature, "white" cool white, close to the sun's color "white" and so on. According to our delivery statistics. Shipping is the largest "warm white", followed by the "white" to the yellow, blue. Other colors are very few. To "warm sense" to choose "warm white"; to "light sense" to choose "cool white"; to "fashion sense" to choose "blue" to "alternative" to choose "yellow or green"
Halogen Bulb models are commonly used in 3528 and 5050.
So, can not buy a good chip, in addition to your own purchase can not get a good price, but also manufacturers have the integrity. In general, Europe and the United States on the chip than the Taiwan chip is better, Taiwan chips better than domestic But the price is also higher than a high Sometimes really "proud": the domestic really is not the lack of cutting-edge talent, any product to the domestic, not only to product performance "down", the price is also down.