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how to remove oven bulb cover

Jan 23, 2018

1. In order to minimize the possibility of electric shock,attempting any maintenance or cleaning after unplugging the oven.

2. Before replacing the oven light bulb,wait until the oven is completely cool before replacing the lamp.

3. Then turn off the light of the oven to make sure that the cover and bulb are completely cool.After that,disconnect the power supply.

4. Turn the glass cover 1/4 counterclockwise,and the tabs on the cover should clear the grooves of the socket.

5. Uncover the lid,Using gloves or dry cloth to pull out the light bulb directly.Because touching the bulb by hand will damage the lamp or shorten the life of bulb.

6. Replace the old bulb with the same type of bulb.Most models using one of the following:

   Halogen bulb with 2 looped terminals:110-130V/18-40W G9 halogen oven lamp:

G9 oven lamp.jpg

 Appliance bulb:40 watt appliance bulb. Do not use a standard 40 watt bulb.

7. Place the tabs in the grooves of the socket before replacing the cover,then lid clockwise 1/4 circle

8. About the oven lamp replacement instructions, please refer to your user manual.