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How to Test a Halogen Bulb

May 29, 2018

how to test a halogen bulb?

There are some differences between regular incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs,so you need to remember a few things and watch for when testing or troubleshooting a halogen bulb.  

1.Take a look at its full potential and luminosity wait until the bulb light for a few minutes

The halogen bulbs take longer than regular bulbs to reach its internal chemicals required temperature,so it is not suitable for halogen bulbs to light a built-in wardrobe or cupboard, refrigerator or any other only momentary lights.

2.Avoid touching light bulb with bare skin

If accidentally touch the light bulb, please use cloth or paper towel clean surface with alcohol, and water.Fingerprint pollutants and residue bulbs may form a hot spot on the surface.The localized heat will cause the crystallization of quartz into a gas leak.The strains from the gas will cause light break and explosions.

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3.Looking for any bubbling effect on light bulbs

Bubbles appear represent contaminants that have damaged the lamp.If the lamp continues to work,bubbles can cause cracks and explode.So once you discover this kind of situation, please as soon as possible replacement bulbs.

4.Check the color of the light bulb when the lights went out

If the lamp is aging or poor quality, it presents black smoke or dark gray instead of the right white or light grey.Black smoke usually indicates that you need to replace the old light bulb. Light smoke shape usually indicates the light bulb has a crack.