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How to wire a light bulb holder

Nov 24, 2017

In our average family, wiring a light bulb lamp holder,it should be something to be met.But what kind of lamp bulb holder connection is true? Here to take everyone to see.

1) First of all, we have to prepare the lamp holder wiring tools to be used, the wire is absolutely essential, in addition to lights, screwdrivers, lamp mouth, stripper, tape and so on. Of course, we generally use the general wire 1.2 square wire on it, if not just link a single light, but also connect the electrical appliances, then recommend you to consider the use of 2.5-wire.The quality of the lamp we choose is a little better than the light bulb.

how to wire a light bulb holder.gif

2) We need to strip the thread to the stripping out, generally about a centimeter.Do not pay too long attention when stripping, otherwise bad operation is also a waste.Short is certainly not, it is inconvenient winding, so there may be problems.As the stripper blades quickly, so when we stripped wire should not be careful to break the copper wire.Even do not let the line exposed outside, so there may be connected.We need to open the lamp and to connect the line and the corresponding positive and negative.Generally it will have an instruction, we can follow it slowly.

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