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How to wire e27 lamp holder

Dec 10, 2017

There are a few things to remember when wiring e27 lamp holder and here are some advice. Please see this document for more information on this. Below is an example of wiring to a E27 lamp holder in one of our kits.

e27 lamp holder.jpg

E27 lamp holder has a locking device to stop it coming apart when you take a bulb out, please understand how to undo the locking device before you screw it together.


Next you need to use a screwdriver to depress the barb whilst holding the base and turning the skirt of the lamp holder anticlockwise. Make sure the e27lamp holder isn’t connected to electricity.Follow the centre pin to the outside to locate the barb.


It’s important for e27 lamp holder to connect the live wire (Brown) to the centre pin of the lamp holder. The best way is finding the centre pin, following the metal back to the point it connects to the screw terminal on the other side. This is the Live terminal.Please also note that e27 lamp holder has a barb method or latch to lock the skirt in place. 


Strip about 10mm and twist the wire so it makes a more solid wire. Then fold this in half before inserting into the terminal. Repeat this for each colour to make a good connection.

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