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Principle of halogen bulbs glow

Oct 18, 2017

All principle of incandescent light is the use of objects and the principle of thermal radiation. The principle of most simple incandescent lamp is electrifying enough current to the filament, filament fever to incandescent state, it will be lighted. But Incandescent lamp life would be quite short. The incandescent lamp is now used in the following technologies, the purpose is to make incandescent lamp has a longer life and more convenient to use: vacuum glass tube (to reduce the degree of filament oxidation), lamp feet (easy to light bulb Inserted in the lamp holder), filled with inert gas (increase the brightness of the bulb and life) and so on.

halogen bulbs.gif

The biggest difference between halogen bulb and other incandescent lamp is that the halogen lamp glass shell fills with some halogen element gas (through the halogen bulb is often iodine or bromine), its working principle: when the filament fever, the tungsten atoms evaporated to the direction of the glass tube wall, and when approaching the glass tube wall, the tungsten vapor is cooled to about 800 ° C and combined with the halogen atom to form tungsten halide.

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