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Six principles teach you to choose light Bulb Parts

Sep 26, 2017

Six principles teach you to choose light Bulb Parts
   Simple principle: lighting in the room should play the role of finishing touch. Too complex shape, too complicated color, are not suitable for the design of simple room.
   Convenience: Most people have experienced embarrassment to replace the ceiling lamp Bulb Parts: stepping on the table, marching chair, head 90 degrees, carrying arms over to 2.5 meters high or even higher ceiling. When selecting a fixture, be sure to consider replacing the lamp parts easily.
   Energy-saving principle: energy-saving light Bulb Parts energy saving, lighting and good, it will not distribute too much heat, for long lamps. Energy-saving light Bulb Parts are mostly standard screw mouth, and chandeliers have two caliber, one is the standard, you can use energy-saving light Bulb Parts; one is non-standard, can not use energy-saving light Bulb Parts. Select to note: spotlights are mostly non-energy-saving products.
   Safety principles: must choose the regular manufacturers of lamps. Regular products are marked with the total load, according to the total load, you can determine the number of watts used in the number of Bulb Parts, especially for long chandeliers the most important, namely: the number of heads per Bulb Parts wattage = total load. Another large bathroom, the kitchen should use waterproof lamps.
   Functional principles: different use of the function of the room, should be installed in different styles, lighting, lighting. The living room should use bright, rich lamps; bedroom should be used to make people lying in bed do not feel dazzling lamps; children's room should use colorful, style changing lighting; bathroom should choose simple style waterproof lamps; kitchen should choose to facilitate Wipe, clean the lamp; some need special performance of the place can also choose spotlights.
   Harmonization principle: lighting and the overall style of the room to coordinate, and the same room a variety of lamps, should maintain color coordination or style coordination. Such as wooden walls, wooden cabinets, wooden roof of the rectangular balcony, suitable for installation of rectangular wooden lights; with iron table, iron pipe glass table and chairs of the rectangular hall, suitable for the installation of rectangular iron tube chandeliers; , Golden spotlight bedroom, suitable for a lamp with gold decoration.
    In the choice of lighting when it is important, but do not forget, safe, practical is the first. Faced with so many colorful lighting, you can never blush!
Usually the reasons for the broken parts of the bulb is divided into two kinds, one, the Bulb Parts of the chip and drive burned out, two, wiring the wrong line or then the line itself has been aging.
   So how to solve this problem? Many consumers feel burned two light Bulb Parts do not have trouble to repair the manufacturers, their hands to solve this problem! This solution is not good, why? Because the Bulb Parts itself with a certain amount of technology can be repaired. Do not understand the Bulb Parts of the consumer as far as possible not personally repair. There are broken Bulb Parts stacked up, one by one courier back to the home to help repair. Then piled up the Bulb Parts, then I now use what light Bulb Parts to lighting? You can consult the manufacturers from the number of Bulb Parts can be purchased. Use the remaining more than a dozen Bulb Parts when you began to pile up the accumulation of Bulb Parts all sent back to the factory repair, but also a one-year warranty period.
Now talk about wiring problems. The line itself began to aging, in the process of aging the line which will light the normal operation of the lamp parts will increase the brightness but will bring the Bulb Parts easy to damage, easy to waste electricity, long service life shortened. Light Bulb Parts are damaged and serious consequences can cause fire. Remember, to find a formal technical professional wiring electrician. For more questions, please comment below!