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The advantages and disadvantages of ceramic lamp holder

Jan 07, 2018

Advantages of ceramic lamp holder

1.This kind of lamp holder has bright and clean appearance of ceramic, thin material, but the high intensity, shock-resistant strong shock, and it is a safe and reliable material.Ceramic is insulated, it is easy to disassemble and maintain. There’s no need worry about a safety accident.

e14 porcelain lamp holder.jpg

2. The cooling effect of ceramic is very good to make sure the lamp can maintain a lower temperature at work.so neither the lamp shade won’t be aging because of withstanding too high temperature, and it will not let the ceramic lamp holder reduce the service life.

3. Ceramic lamp holder designed by integrated technology, different power and brightness can be any combination.So when the department fails, the work of the lamp will not be affected.To achieve high-power light source intelligent control,the ceramic is also designed to be all intelligent.

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4. Ceramic is an environmentally friendly green material, it will not do harm to the environment, physical stability, but also anti-corrosion. Its wear resistance is also very good.

Disadvantages of ceramic lamp holder

The biggest drawback is that if the ceramic is subjected to greater impact, it will be damaged.Therefore, ceramic lamp holder needs to be extra careful when it is in the transport and storage,otherwise it is easy to be damaged.

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When the ceramic lamp base is connected with metal link keys, you must cut off the power supply before installing the lamp holder.