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The advantages of Round Oven Lamp

Oct 13, 2017

Round Oven Lamp's advantages: Round Oven Lamp's increasingly environmentally friendly energy-saving features are gaining consumer attention and speeding up the Round Oven Lamp's entry into home lighting. Of course, there are still many consumers do not know what the advantages of Round Oven Lamp, the following to introduce the advantages of Round Oven Lamp:
First, a wide range of lighting Round Oven Lamp is an important feature of a wide range of lighting, it can do the whole room of the main lights, lighting effect is good, according to the decoration effect of light source power size, and fully maintain the quality of Round Oven Lamp lighting.
The second saves space. Whether it is a living room or a bedroom. Round Oven Lamp is space saving because it is ceiling installation. For the lower housing, it is advisable to choose Round Oven Lamp. In the eyes of many people, only the chandeliers to show their fake effect, it is not true, with the diversification of lighting products, stylized appear, Round Oven Lamp from the design style to the material are very good, it is Round Oven Lamp become a family choice The most important factor.
Third, safety awareness. Crystal lamp, ceiling lamp off the time there have been painful lessons tell us. Lighting ceiling, ceiling safety is the most important. And Round Oven Lamp because of their material is relatively thin. And the design is also caught in the ceiling above, so absolutely no similar safety issues, the reliability can be very high.
Round Oven Lamp features: first, Round Oven Lamp long life, it is less than one-third of the traditional power consumption, but the brightness is consistent with the traditional lamps and lanterns. In general, the normal use of life of 30,000 hours or more, long-term use without replacement, invisible to reduce the cost of labor, it is suitable for some inconvenience to replace the lamp occasions. Of course, Round Oven Lamp is very rich in color, you can produce a variety of light-colored lights, to meet the needs of different occasions.
Second, because Round Oven Lamp is a green light fixture, it itself does not produce ultraviolet light, infrared light and other radiation, mercury and other harmful substances, less heat, a good way to avoid mosquitoes around the light source Situation, so to the room to create a relatively clean environment.
Third, Round Oven Lamp is a very quiet energy-saving lamps, not the same as the traditional lighting noise, very suitable for the need for a quiet environment, such as libraries, offices and the like. But also very good to protect the eyes, start very fast, not flickering, very beneficial to our health.
Fourth, Round Oven Lamp is a cold light source, not like the traditional lighting that exudes a lot of heat. It is basically able to convert all the energy into light energy, will cause energy waste, very economical.
LED energy-saving lamps demand background: the current global energy shortage, the world in the face of this problem, have introduced policies and initiatives in the field of lighting, LED as a new type of green energy-saving products, will become a new energy-saving trend, with the LED technology continues to break and the price decline, accelerated the Round Oven Lamp in the market penetration, making the previous incandescent and fluorescent lamps gradually replaced by Round Oven Lamp.
In the final analysis, the current hurdle of Round Oven Lamp market is the high price, Round Oven Lamp price on average more than 3 times the price of ordinary fluorescent lamps, and more than 30 times the price of incandescent. But with the improvement of production technology, Round Oven Lamp prices have gradually declined. According to statistics, this year's Round Oven Lamp market will grow 8 times over 2011, while the retail price will exceed the 2011 index 4 times. Therefore, Round Oven Lamp market has a broad space for development.