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The underground parking lot will be the beginning of LED popularity

Oct 13, 2017

In the eyes of ordinary consumers, buy Incandescent Bulb, first of all to consider his price, and then consider the cost of the product, and finally consider the relationship between one-time investment and long-term investment. It needs a sales staff to make a strong explanation: energy-saving lamps can be used for one year, the price is 10 yuan, Incandescent Bulb can be used for 5 years, the price is 40 yuan, electricity consumption includes power loss; , Operating costs include electricity, for lights and change the cost of labor and so on. Electricity price by 0.53 yuan per kw / h basis, if the price of the place with this different, according to the actual price calculation. From the above table we can clearly see. Use Incandescent Bulb to increase costs in the short term. But in terms of long-term perspective, is definitely more harm than good.
Of course, the current form of view, the majority of consumers still choose to wait, only a few like the trend of young consumers choose to buy. I believe that with the Incandescent Bulb prices lower, especially the implementation of the price of ladder, ordinary people Incandescent Bulb will be in a few years after the completion of the water.
When selling Incandescent Bulb products, most people are used to judge things from their own point of view, but ignore some of the less conspicuous things. Such as underground parking
Usually the underground car park takes 24 hours to use the lighting, the lighting charges with the ordinary family of electricity is very different, huge electricity costs without Incandescent Bulb sales engineers to encourage the business itself will play a small abacus. For example, with 18 Incandescent Bulb to replace the original 40-watt ordinary fluorescent lamp, each 100 or so, you can save more than 60%. According to the current electricity market price of 0.6 yuan, the underground parking lot Dressup Incandescent Bulb only need less than a year to recover the cost, of course, in fact the underground parking lot is often as high as one yuan or more, the cost of recovery time even more Short. In view of this, lighting energy conversion Incandescent Bulb is very cost-effective, the current underground parking lot Incandescent Bulb popularity has been in progress, I believe from the underground car park to the family this step has been very close.
How do I identify the quality of Incandescent Bulb? Incandescent Bulb is currently widely used in indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. Because the prospect of LED lighting is very good, Incandescent Bulb manufacturers are more and more, resulting in the market Incandescent Bulb quality uneven. However, consumers can not distinguish between good and bad through professional and technical, then we have years of experience in the market, to teach you some simple light with the quality of identification methods:
First: see solder joints. The Incandescent Bulb is a manufacturer of Incandescent Bulb, which is manufactured using SMT chip technology, solder paste and reflow soldering processes. As a result, the solder joints on Incandescent Bulb are very smooth and the amount of solder is not too much, and the solder joints are arc-shaped extending from the FPC pads toward the LED electrodes. Poor quality Incandescent Bulb, usually using manual welding, solder joints and solder are not uniform, mostly a dot wrapped around the foot, and will come out tin tip.
Second: look at the surface. Good quality Incandescent Bulb are produced using SMT process, the surface cleanliness is very good, looks very smooth, basically do not see impurities and stains. While the poor quality of the Incandescent Bulb are hand-welded out of the surface no matter how clean, will have residual stains and cleaning traces, while the FPC surface will leave flux and tin slag.