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what causes a light bulb to explode

Mar 05, 2018

We are no longer limited to the incandescent light bulb as usual after having a wide variety of energy saving options.All light bulbs are created by electric excitation of filament or closed gas light, and motivated to generate heat except the LED light.However, electricity and heat will cause the light bulb explosion.

halogen oven light bulb .jpg

Due to the material of filament resisting flow of electricity,the filament of the traditional incandescent bulb glows. At the same time the resistance will generate heat .Heat will melt the lamp holder material and pressurized inert gas of the bulb escapes quickly if the manufactures can’t isolate the bottom of light bulb correctly.

e14 lamp.png

Halogen oven lamp is a kind of incandescent bulb, it can explode if you touch the surface before using it.Your skin grease can produce temperature difference on a hot glass, thereby it is enough to weak it and make it crack.

halogen oven heating bulb .jpg

Energy-saving light bulbs will not produce too much heat like incandescent bulbs,but they still will explode.A common reason for the explosion is capacitor electrical overload inside the bulb.Another reason for the explosion is manufacturing capacity is poor.If there is no proper insulation at the bottom of the light bulb, it may overheat and burst.