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Why does Bulb Parts use after a while?

Oct 24, 2017

Why does Bulb Parts use after a while?
LED lighting has now entered the era of LED lights, higher brightness, longer life, green pollution-free, has become the first choice for home lighting.
Many consumers reflect the newly bought Bulb Parts, when used is very bright. The use of time is too long, Bulb Parts brightness slowly lower until the last extinguished. Why is this like this?
We know that this is the LED lamp life time is slowly shortened, until one day the lights are not bright, it will die. Consumers can not help but wonder? LED lighting why there will be such a process, in the end what is the cause? In fact, in the final analysis, this is the LEDBulb Parts light source aging problem, simply for example: lamps and the human body, with the growth of life, lamp function The mechanism is kept falling. Whether it is incandescent, or LED lights can not avoid the problem of light source aging.
light source
LED lamps light source aging, refers to the LED lights in a period of time after the light, the light intensity than the original light intensity is lower, it seems not obvious, but the contrast will have a great touch. While the low part of the lamp is the light source aging. Different types of lamps, resulting in light source aging for different reasons.
Ordinary incandescent bulb: Bulb Parts bulky larger, the smaller the light source, that is, with the evaporation of tungsten to block the light output is proportional to. While the inflatable Bulb Parts because part of the gas to prevent tungsten wire evaporation, so the light will be relatively small.
If it is incandescent Bulb Parts with the same filament, do in different sizes Bulb Parts Bulb Parts, relatively speaking at the same time point of the light source is indeed a small bubble shell smaller than the small bubble. In addition, the same is inflated bubble, large bulb Bulb Parts internal space, the gas convection to the glass has a relatively large cooling area, relatively small glass bulb temperature is much lower, the filament temperature is relatively low, low luminous efficiency, Tungsten wire evaporation rate is also low, so the light source is smaller.
LED lamps, although improved than incandescent, but can not completely overcome the problem of light source aging. LED light source for aging mainly divided into two issues:
LED product quality problems: the use of LED chip quality is not good, brightness attenuation faster. Production process defects, LEDBulb Parts chip cooling can not be well derived from the PIN pin, resulting in LED chip temperature is too high to chip attenuation intensified.
Conditions of use: LED constant current drive, some LED lights using voltage drive causes, so that LED attenuation too fast. Will affect the consumer to use LED lights. Drive current is greater than the rated drive conditions, in fact, led to LED product light source aging for many reasons, but the most critical is the heat problem. The better the thermal performance, the lower the LED operating temperature, the smaller the light fade, the longer the LED life.
Light source aging is a must for all LED lighting work. Consumers in the selection of LEDBulb Parts, should try to choose the quality and heat dissipation better LEDBulb Parts, in the course of the process should also minimize the workload of LEDBulb Parts in order to delay the speed of light to extend the life of LEDBulb Parts.