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Congratulations To Haimen Xinrong Electric

Jul 03, 2018

Congratulations to Haimen Xinrong Electric for joining the China Enterprise Credit Construction Development Alliance and the official website of the official website of China.


With the rapid development of Internet technology, e-commerce has become an important social and economic situation and modern circulation mode in China, and it has penetrated extensively into various fields such as production, circulation and consumption, and has changed the traditional management mode and production organization. The "Outline for the Construction of Social Credit System (2014-2020)" issued by the State Council clearly states: "In the field of credit construction in the field of online transactions (activity), the establishment of online transaction subject authentication services, promotion of the application of website trusted identifiers, for online transactions Participants identify means of providing counterfeit and phishing websites.

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In order to implement the national master plan for building an integrity system for the Internet and e-commerce, focus on promoting the healthy and rapid development of e-commerce, and promote e-commerce related policies to achieve breakthrough progress in various regions, online credit, electronic certification, online Support systems such as payment and logistics and related infrastructure basically meet the development needs of e-commerce. E-commerce is expanding the international and domestic markets, promoting the transformation of economic development mode, facilitating people's lives, improving people's livelihood, and improving government management and service capabilities. Obvious results. Relying on the comprehensive verification strength of “public letter verification”, fairness, authority, reliability and professional standardization, the pilot unit will lead the industry development and jointly promote the construction of the national Internet and e-commerce integrity transaction environment.

China Enterprise Credit Construction Development Alliance was established during the “2017 E-Commerce Credit System Construction Seminar” meeting, in the AQSIQ Information Center, the National Organization Code Management Center, the National Social Credit Standardization Technical Committee, and the National E-Commerce Standardization Group. Under the witness and participation of China E-Commerce Association, Xiamen Arbitration Commission, Zhongxin Center and national e-commerce legislation experts, the China Enterprise Credit Construction Development Alliance was formally established. The alliance positioning is the enterprises, institutions and scientific research institutions in the relevant fields of enterprise credit construction. A national, non-profit, non-profit organization that is voluntarily formed with social groups. In order to better promote the development of credit construction in China, Beijing is encouraged to believe that You Technology Co., Ltd. (trust network) is the executive director unit of China Credit Development Alliance. Its company believes that the network platform is officially incorporated into the national e-commerce integrity transaction, the commercial and commercial bureau e-commerce integrity transaction. The AQSIQ E-Commerce Integrated Standardization Service Demonstration Unit is responsible for conducting spot checks and audits of e-commerce enterprises on national credit evaluations, and jointly promoting the credit construction and development of Chinese enterprises.

Haimen Xinrong Electric will work harder! Integrity-based, to provide you with first-class products and the lowest price, efficient after-sales service, look forward to your cooperation!