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Halogen Bulb Energy And Environmental Awareness

Aug 08, 2017

Halogen Bulb in the history of the development of automotive lighting has played a huge role, the role so far comparable. At present, most of the domestic car is equipped with halogen headlamps, but with the development of technology, energy and environmental awareness, Halogen Bulb are no longer adapt to the present era, now more and more cars began to use LED lights , The attention here is not a beautiful daytime lights and car headlights. Energy saving and environmental protection, long life LED headlamps is the future direction of development of lighting technology

So compared with the halogen bulb, where is the LED in the end? The following to LED lights in the leader: good car Jiujia LED lights, and halogen bulb in detail:

First, the brightness: halogen lamp 55W for more than 1000 lumens, good car Jiujia LED headlamp 30W lamp beads brightness to 4000ML.

Second, energy saving: halogen lamp energy consumption is larger, the general car is used 55W, good car Jiabao LED headlamp was about 30W, more than 45% energy saving.

Third, the life: halogen headlamps is the use of filament power luminous. Filament in a long time high temperature prone to fuse, the failure rate is high, its service life is generally 400-500 hours. The car is used to import more than 50000 hours, more than 10 times longer than the traditional light source life (with a replacement, life-long use of the characteristics).

Fourth, environmental protection. Spectrum without ultraviolet and infrared, glare small, and waste can be recycled, no pollution does not contain mercury elements, you can safely touch, is a typical green light led light source.

Fifth, good stability, led seismic performance: resin package, not easy to break, easy to store and transport.

Now technology continues to progress, traffic safety has also been more and more attention, car headlamps are more and more high-end.

The main function of the car lights is to give the driver at night to illuminate the front view, so as to enhance traffic safety, there is another role is to remind the front of the vehicle, warning vehicle location (which is more and more vehicles to add day The main purpose),Halogen Bulb so the lights for traffic safety is very important, and now the aftermarket also introduced a variety of modified bulbs to provide owners to choose.

To ensure that the working life of the lamp will not be so shortened, so that night driving has a brighter, farther lighting effect. Modified bulbs can be divided into yellow type, bright type, high color temperature and so on several.

Yellow type also has a lot of people call it gold eyes,Halogen Bulb its color temperature is generally low, only 2600K so it will be out of the light will be yellow. The surface of the bulb is plated with a layer of yellow film, so that it is in the fog or rain when driving a better penetration, to ensure that drivers can clearly see the road.

Highlighted bulb glass is no coating, color temperature is about 2900 ~ 3100K between the filling of high-pressure halogen gas and lengthened tungsten wire coil way to enhance the amount of light, and still maintain the original 55W power consumption, as to increase the amount of light Began to volume pricing,Halogen Bulb from 30% to 130% of brightening, so that owners can buy their own needs, often at night driving can choose a higher brightness of the modified bulb to get farther lighting distance.

High color temperature type in the bulb glass coated with light blue coating, in this way the original yellow light into yellow and white light, or even close to white, such modified bulb color temperature between about 3800K ~ 4300K, and xenon lamp Color temperature is quite close, mainly to the halogen bulb will not appear dim, it seems more spiritual, and this range of color temperature during the trial car can also smooth clearance.