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Halogen Bulb Greatly Improving The Safety And Comfort Of Driving

Jul 10, 2017

Halogen Bulb on the crystal glass if there is oil, will cause the glass on the different temperature, reduce the lamp life. So when you change the Halogen Bulb to avoid touching the glass bulb. If the fingers touch should be alcohol clean.

Halogen lamp began to apply to the body began in the 1970s, its luminous principle and ordinary incandescent lamp is very similar to the halogen lamp tungsten wire has a higher melting point than ordinary incandescent, so the brightness of the halogen lamp is greater than incandescent lamp [1 ].

Xenon bulbs have three times higher than ordinary Halogen Bulb light intensity, energy consumption is only two-thirds; xenon bulbs and sunlight with almost the same light color, for the driver to create better visual conditions. Xenon lamps make lighting a wider range of light intensity, greatly improving the safety and comfort of driving.

Many cars are using traditional Halogen Bulbs, and traffic accidents occur more than 60% are concentrated in the night or when the weather is poor, the Halogen Bulb in the night or when the weather is poor when the lighting effect will be greatly reduced, at this time, driving The vision has been seriously affected, easy to produce fatigue, distracted, etc., the probability of traffic accidents doubled. At this time to improve the performance of the light is very urgent, in the ordinary headlights can not meet our needs, we will seek higher brightness, longer life of the lighting system, so the market so-called ultra-white, super light And other products also came into being, and xenon headlamps is one of them.

In 1962, Hella introduced the first halogen lamp [2].

In 1965, Hella H1 series halogen lamp was born; H4 series of dual filament halogen lamp in 1971 for the first time in the Mercedes-Benz 350 SL (R107) above.

(1). When installing the Halogen Bulb, turn off the power and use the plastic cover to protect the bulb glass shell. Do not touch it with your hand. If you accidentally touch, please wipe with alcohol.

(2) Halogen Bulbs made of high temperature resistant quartz glass, such as stained hands or oil, will make the quartz glass luster, become white turbidity and reduce brightness, shorten the life, and even glass shell rupture.

(3). Halogen Bulb lighting, the sealing of the temperature can not exceed 350 degrees, otherwise it will shorten the life of Halogen Bulbs, so halogen ventilation and ventilation must be good.

(4). Halogen Bulb when lighting, to avoid direct air blowing bulb.

(5). Halogen Bulb lighting, to avoid the impact or vibration.

(6). Halogen Bulb or just turn off the lights, the bulb temperature is still high, absolutely can not touch the hand.

(7). Halogen lamps should not be frequent on / off, otherwise it will significantly shorten its life. The reason is: compared with the normal work, in the light of the moment, the lamp tungsten wire temperature is very low, so the resistance is very small, in the same voltage, the current is much larger than the normal working current, so Tungsten atoms evaporate faster; at the same time because the bulb gas temperature is relatively low, so the decomposition rate of tungsten halide slower, so back to the tungsten wire tungsten atoms much less than normal work. Thus in the moment of turning on the lights, tungsten wire consumption is the largest, so frequent on / off will significantly shorten the filament life.