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Halogen Bulb Higher Color Temperature And Higher Luminous Efficiency

Jun 28, 2017

Halogen Bulb and other incandescent lamp is the biggest difference is that the halogen lamp glass shell filled with some halogen element gas (usually iodine or bromine), its working principle: when the filament fever, the tungsten atoms are evaporated to the As the glass tube wall moves, the tungsten vapor is cooled to about 800 ° C and is combined with the halogen atom to form tungsten halide (tungsten iodide or tungsten bromide) when approaching the glass tube wall. The tungsten halide continues to move toward the center of the glass tube and returns to the oxidized filament. Since the tungsten halide is a very unstable compound, it will re-decompose into halogen vapor and tungsten after heat, On the deposition down, make up the part that has been evaporated. Through this regeneration cycle, the service life of the filament is not only greatly extended (almost four times that of incandescent), but also because the filament can work at higher temperatures, resulting in higher brightness, higher color temperature Higher luminous efficiency.

The basic principle of halogen light and incandescent lamp is the same, are heat radiation source. The difference is that the halogen tungsten lamp is filled with a special working gas, its composition is 95% of the mixture (dibromomethane and krypton) and 5% of the high purity nitrogen, these gases in the bulb

The tungsten and tungsten cycle was established. The specific process is the tungsten in the filament volatiles come out, will move to the lower temperature, and then in the wall and Br2 combined to generate WBr2; and in the higher temperature, WBr2 will break down, the resulting W will return to the filament , Br back to the working gas, which is the whole process of halogen tungsten cycle. Through this tungsten and tungsten cycle, the filament on the tungsten will not gradually evaporate, due to "hot" effect leaving the filament blown, nor because the tungsten in the bulb deposition and black, its life is greatly extended.

1, the function of the halogen lamp is set to a reversible chemical reaction with tungsten from the filament evaporation.

2, in the ordinary incandescent lamp, which is mainly deposited in the tungsten bulb. The halogen cycle keeps the bulb clean and maintains a constant light output in life.

3, at moderate temperatures, the evaporation of tungsten reacts with halogen, the formation of halogenated left and right, in the filling of inert gas. During a period of time, it will reach a higher temperature zone where it dissociates, releases tungsten and releases the halogen, repeating the process.

4, for the reaction to operate, the overall ball temperature must be higher than in the conventional incandescent lamp. The bulb must be fused with silica (quartz) or a high melting point of glass (such as aluminosilicate glass).

Halogen lamps are made of tungsten filament, but are wrapped in a smaller quartz glass. Because the glass from the filament is very close, if it is made of glass it will be easy to melt. The gas in the glass bulb consists of different groups of halogen lamps. These gases have a very interesting feature: they are combined with tungsten vapor. If the temperature is not high enough, the halogen gas combines the tungsten atoms to evaporate and re-deposited on the filament. This cycle of the process, so that the filament continued a lot of time. In addition, it can run hot filament, which means you get more light energy. You still get a lot of heat, but because the quartz glass is so close to the filament, it is hotter than a normal bulb.

Halogen Bulbs can also operate at higher temperatures than conventional incandescent lamps, and their brightness and efficiency are higher. However, at this temperature, ordinary glass may soften, so Halogen Bulbs need to use a higher melting point of quartz glass. And because the quartz glass can not block the UV, so the Halogen Bulbs are usually and need to use another UV filter.

Halogen Bulb on the crystal glass if there is oil, will cause the glass on the different temperature, reduce the lamp life. So when you change the Halogen Bulb to avoid touching the glass bulb. If the fingers touch should be alcohol clean.