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Halogen Bulb Let The Night Driving Have Brighter, Farther Lighting Effect

Oct 30, 2017

The main function of car headlights is to illuminate the front of the driver in the night, so as to enhance the traffic safety, there is another role is to remind the vehicle ahead, warning the location of the vehicle (this is also more and more vehicles to add the main purpose of daily lights),Halogen Bulb so the light is very important for driving And now the aftermarket market also introduced a variety of modified bulbs to provide car owners to choose

Modified bulb We recommend the selection of a certain well-known brands as a priority, such as Philips, Osram are all good choice, because the conversion of the bulb is basically the use of lengthened tungsten coil and the filling of high-pressure halogen gas way to enhance the luminous volume,Halogen Bulb produced by the large manufacturers of bulbs in the materials more exquisite, This ensures that the lamp's working life will not be shortened dramatically, allowing night driving to have brighter and farther lighting effects. Modified bulb can be divided into yellow, bright, high temperature type and so on.

Yellow type also has a lot of people call it gold eye, its color temperature is generally low, only 2600K so it shines out of the light will be yellow. The surface of the bulb is coated with a layer of yellow film that makes it better to penetrate in foggy or rainy days to ensure that motorists can see the road clearly.

Highlight type bulb glass is not any coating, the color temperature is about 2900~3100k, through the filling of high-pressure halogen gas and lengthened tungsten wire ring the way to enhance the luminous volume, and still maintain the original 55W power consumption, as to increase the amount of luminous quantity began to price, from 30% to 130% have, Let the car owners can buy their own needs,Halogen Bulb often in the night to drive to choose a higher brightness of the modified bulb to obtain a farther distance from the lighting.

High color temperature type on the bulb glass coated with a light blue color coating, in this way the original yellow light into white, or even close to the light, this kind of modified bulb color temperature about 3800k~4300k, and xenon lamp color temperature is quite close,Halogen Bulb mainly let halogen bulbs will not appear dim, look more Spirit, And such a range of color temperature in the year of the car can also be smooth clearance.

Of course, the market also has a lot of advertised color temperature up to 4500K, 5000K even 6000K conversion of the bulb, generally this is the bulb glass plating on the more deep blue coating,Halogen Bulb the amount of light emitted is actually blocked many, it will look very white, but not bright phenomenon, and the passing rate of the annual audit is certainly not high, Therefore, do not want to pursue dazzling visual effect instead of upgrading the original intention of the modified bulb Oh!