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Halogen Oven Lamp Holder Can Easily Scrub

Oct 30, 2017

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of various types of lampholders, relatively speaking, the screw lampholders are relatively safe, contact area compact and the card mouth lampholders more convenient. The center contact of the screw socket is connected with the FireWire,Halogen Oven Lamp Holder the installation lamp is to tighten, its contact performance is very good and safe. Now for the sake of safety, most of the lampholders and bulbs in the market have been changed into silk mouths. The clamp lampholders and bulbs have been rarely called. Conversion lamp lampholders are only suitable for LED or low calorific energy-saving lamps, not suitable for the heat of the larger halogen lamps and other lamps. Therefore, the scope of use has some limitations. LED lamps dedicated E26 adapter not only convenient wiring and safe and reliable, but also can add HRB, TE terminals and so on. There are special moisture-proof lampholders, the use of a wide range of lampholders, not affected by the environment

According to the different types of lamp cleaning methods to make adjustments, not the same as lamps and lanterns goods lampshade is not the same,Halogen Oven Lamp Holder cleaning the choice of cleaning agents and cleaning methods should not be the same, lamp lampholders inside rich control circuit, cleaning should also pay attention to avoid damage.

Method for accurate cleaning and curing of lamp base and lampshade

Lamp type complex, for difficult to clean the lamp base and lampshade, summed up some lampholders compared to see the detailed cleaning method of lamps and lanterns can be used for my energy-saving lamp.

Lamp Base Cleaning Method:

Floor lamp: Floor lamp base of dirt, can use soft cloth dipped detergent cleaning lampshade, you can first pour the special detergent on the rag, and then wipe change the part of the rag.

Table lamp: First wipe the dust off the surface of the base, and then the liquid, the metal products rich in abrasive detergent poured on the soft cloth scrub.

Chandeliers, spotlights: chandeliers, spotlights and other high contrast to the luminaire, need to clean the base, to scrub up when using handy tools,Halogen Oven Lamp Holder the light cotton socks or double rubbing towel over the hand, can be easily scrubbed. Pay attention to power, as far as possible with dry cloth scrub, such as water, cleaning agent, such as liquid cleaning, as far as possible to wring 90% dry, cleaning after the lamp on the attention do not leave liquid.