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Halogen Oven Lamp Holder Personal Safety Has A Certain Protective Effect

Jul 18, 2017

As the lamp holder buyers are afraid of such a situation: that is, after the purchase, found the lamina there are some problems, often will affect the use of their own to bring a series of trouble. Therefore, to enhance the understanding of this aspect is still not less, at least with their own life or linked.

So, in the process of buying Halogen Oven Lamp Holder, there are three aspects of stress. First of all, it is necessary to determine the selected product for the use of the lamp is not a problem, that is, the lamp holder in the trial process, the need to pay attention to whether the metal part of all in the internal; Second, the need to detect some parts of the lampholder is solid As well as insulation and so on, are associated with the normal use of a large association.

Finally, you need to pay attention to the appropriate slot problem, because after loading, it is difficult to remove it. So, in these areas to pay attention to it, you can spend a lot of time,Halogen Oven Lamp Holder so that everything is better for many

Let us simply understand what is the lamp holder, refers to the fixed lamp position and is connected to the lamp contacts and power devices, in daily life will often encounter, then, what are the main features of the lamp holder? Here I simply say something.

First of all, the lamp holder has the characteristics of moisture-proof, this feature both in the indoor use of the lights or outdoor use of the lights are, moisture is mainly against rain damage, to ensure the normal use of the lamp, and the most important Will not be damp after the conductive, our personal safety have a certain protective effect.

Second, the lampholder has aesthetics, people are now on the quality and appearance of goods more and more attention, not only the quality is better, but also the appearance of goods is more and more attention, beautiful appearance can make our mood, And life is helpful.

The above is the two features of the lampholder, here on the simple introduction to this, if you want to know more knowledge, please refer to the relevant books.

When we installed the Halogen Oven Lamp Holder, to first recognize their lamp holder device is not fit the voltage specification, the quality is not clearance, there is no damage and so on. The minimum cross-section of the wire of the lampholder shall conform to the minimum cross-sectional area stipulated by the State. If the minimum cross-section of the conductor of the lampholder is lower than the minimum cross-sectional area stipulated by the State, it is easy to cause the incident to burn the lamp, burn the lamp holder, Somethin. So, when we give the lamp holder when the wiring must be selected to exceed the national standard minimum cross-section of the wire to ensure the normal operation of the lamp holder in the future.

Incandescent lamps must have been the most common lamps in the past, although now the city is now rarely seen, but in most rural areas is still no small shopping malls. Incandescent lamp holder and fluorescent lamp holder, etc., are used in the screw lampholder, screw lampholder simple structure convenient. In the screw to the lampholder device before the first to confirm the lampholder is not no shortage,Halogen Oven Lamp Holder there is no leakage phenomenon, due to the structure of the screw lampholder on the leakage of electricity is also relatively small way, so we installed the screw lampholder before To recognize the quality of the lampholder.