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Halogen Oven Lamp Holder Wiring Is Easy And Safe

Aug 08, 2017

Halogen Oven Lamp Holder in the lamp products market occupies a large proportion. The market of various types of lamps, of course, their specifications are not the same.

Lamp holder classification method, lamp holder according to different installation methods and materials for classification.

The installation method is divided into bayonet, screw and straight type.

The material of the lamp holder is metal, plastic, bakelite and ceramics.

The energy saving lamp used in our daily life is the E27. E14, E27, E12, E26, etc., beginning with E. The bayonet holder is made of G, such as G10. The straight-through lamp holder is the beginning of M, including MR16, MR11, and so on. MR16 refers to a lamp with a maximum outside diameter of 2 inches with a multi-faceted reflector. The number of the rear of the lampholder, such as the bayonet, the screw, and the like, indicates the center distance of the lamp hole. MR11 is smaller than the MR16 lamps, E14 is smaller than the E27 lamps.

In addition to the lamp holder, there are stage lighting Halogen Oven Lamp Holder and some special materials made of Halogen Oven Lamp Holder. Live concert often use the downlight is PAR light, its shortcomings is the use of small range and power consumption, there will be a baking on the stage feeling, and now the use of LED lights on the stage mostly. There are more types of downlights on the market, more common on the stage. Special material of aluminum cold reflective halogen spotlights are AR at the beginning of the lamp holder, tubular metal halide bulb lamp holder to G at the beginning. According to the lamp holder material classification ABS plastic shell, although the plastic production, but after special treatment, and therefore will not fade. This lamp holder design more humane, according to the customer's preferences to plating different colors.

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of various types of Halogen Oven Lamp Holder, relatively speaking screw lampholder relatively safe, compact contact area and bayonet lamp holder more convenient. The central contact of the screw cap is the line of fire, the installation lamp is to be tightened, its contact performance is very good and safe. Now for the sake of safety, most of the lamp holder and bulb on the market are changed to silk mouth. Bayonet Halogen Oven Lamp Holder and light bulbs have been rarely called. Conversion lamp holder is only suitable for LED or other low-calorie energy-saving lamps, does not apply to the heat of the larger halogen and other lamps. So the use of a certain degree of limitations. LED lamps dedicated E26 adapter is not only easy to connect and safe and reliable, you can also add HRB, TE terminals. There are special moisture-proof lamp holder, this lamp holder uses a wide range, not affected by the environment.

Lamp holder specifications are numerous, mainly in this article describes several major, daily life commonly used species. Different types of Halogen Oven Lamp Holder have their own advantages and disadvantages, so the choice should be based on the use of the environment to choose. Hope this article can help you.

With the popularity of intelligent, intelligent light bulbs have begun to enter our family, but the intelligent light bulbs can choose the style and type is not a lot, in fact, there is a smart lamp holder in the market, he can easily Germany to any ordinary light bulb , Can be used to control the smart phone APP control light bulb. Only need to install the ordinary light bulb to the smart lamp holder and connected to the power, and then you can experience the fun of intelligent light bulbs.