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How To Choose Ceiling Light

Dec 28, 2016

1,see lamp radiator: determines the whole light bulb cooling of light and life. 

Working lights at high temperatures for a long time, light failure soon, life 

is very short, and the brightness too low ceiling, no accent lighting effects. 

LED ceiling light radiator programme, mainstream with integral radiator, has a

single LED lamp a thermal column, plus fans, cooling methods. Heat sink size, 

influence on the quality of aluminum material to the cooling speed, also 

affect the price of the whole lamp.

2, see the lamp power supply (commonly known as drivers): driven all depend on 

quality of life lamp, led more than 50,000 hours no problem, but drive is broken, 

all lights will light up. Drive used in electrical components, design of transformer 

efficiency, power factor, stability, temperature and service life. Users do not 

understand the components of knowledge, from the drive's size, weight, and manufacturer 

of electrolytic capacitors used preliminary judgment. LED ceiling price differences 

driving quality accounted for a large proportion.

3, understanding led branding and packaging: the LED lamp quality LED ceiling lighting effects, 

packaging, cooling, and other key factors influencing led quality. Led chips United States chip, 

Taiwan chip, homemade chips. Different brands, price differences, and also has great 

lighting effects.Therefore, in choosing LED ceiling lights, ceiling is important to note that 

the radiator, driver, factors that led not only to consider price.