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Incandescent Bulb Excellent Insulating Properties

Oct 30, 2017

Incandescent Bulb Fire safety measures:

First, the bulb should be set in a safe, proper location, and combustible materials should maintain a certain amount of fire spacing. The bulb should have a metal protective net or a glass cover in a place where it may encounter a collision.

Second, it is prohibited to use paper, cloth or other combustible materials to block the lamp, not to use bulbs in the quilt heating and baking clothing.

Third, the light bulb shall not be anchored in wooden furniture, doors, frames or cardboard, nor shall it be embedded in the ceiling or ceilings. When moving the lamp, the bulb should keep a certain distance from the combustible items such as curtain cloth and mosquito net.

The power supply voltage of the Incandescent Bulb lamp cannot exceed its rated voltage. Do not use wet hands or wet cloth to rub the working light bulb, in case the bulb explodes. If the lamp holder is connected with the glass shell, it shall not be forced to twist the bulb. If you use more than 150 watts of light bulbs, do not use bakelite lamp mouth, so as not to heat fire.

The conductors used in Incandescent Bulb lamps shall have excellent insulating properties. The conductor shall not be near the bulb to prevent the aging, melting and burning of the insulating layer of the conductor as long as it is baked. Safety devices should be installed on the line to protect the wiring. The switch must not be on the ground.

VI, the use of Incandescent Bulb lamps, especially high-power Incandescent Bulb lamps, continuous power should not be too long, no point "lamps". Remember to turn off the lights when you go out and class.

The Incandescent Bulb lamp consists of a glass bulb, a filament and a lamp holder. The filament is made of a tungsten filament with a high melting point and a difficult evaporation. Small power bulbs inside the vacuum, high-power (greater than 40 watts) of the bulb inside the vacuum, filled with inert gas, such as argon, lamp lamp, there is a socket and screw-type two, power more than 300 watts of the bulb, generally used guarding mouth lamp, Because the screw-type lamp is better than the socket-type lamp in the electrical contact and the heat dissipation aspect.

Luminous principle of Incandescent Bulb lamp: Incandescent Bulb lamp is the heat effect of the filament resistance current (electric energy conversion to thermal energy), causes the filament temperature to rise to the Incandescent Bulb degree and glows (the heat energy converts to the light energy), because of the high temperature filament evaporation, after the day uses in the Incandescent Bulb lamp glass shell easily to produce the sediment and blackened, causes its light transmission performance to reduce affects the luminous efficiency, So the Incandescent Bulb light efficiency is low.

There are many kinds of Incandescent Bulb lamps, according to the operating voltage points, there are 6, 12, 36, and 220 kv four kinds, of which 36 volts below belong to the low-voltage light bulb, used for local lighting and carry lighting, in the installation of Incandescent Bulb bulbs, to pay attention to the lamp working voltage and line voltage must be consistent, if the 36 volt bulb to pick up 220 kv line, Because the voltage is too high, flow through the filament current too large, will make the filament burn, on the contrary, if the 220 volts of the bulb to pick up 36 kv line, then because the voltage is too low, the bulb will not be light.