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Incandescent Bulb The Earliest Mature Artificial Electric Light Source

Aug 08, 2017

Incandescent Bulb from the glass bubble, filament, lamp three parts. Filament with high melting point and not easy to evaporate the tungsten wire made of low-power bulb into a vacuum, high-power (greater than 40 watts) of the bulb into a vacuum, filled with inert gas, such as argon, light bulb , There are two kinds of jack and screw type, the power of more than 300 watts of light bulbs, generally use the mouth of the mouth, because the screw-type lamp in the electrical contact and heat dissipation than the socket-type lamp.

Incandescent light principle: Incandescent Bulb is the use of filament resistance current thermal effect (power conversion to heat), so that the filament temperature rose to the degree of incandescence and light (thermal energy into light), due to the evaporation of high temperature filament, after prolonged use In the incandescent glass shell is easy to produce deposits and black, so that the light transmission performance and reduce the impact of luminous efficiency, so incandescent light luminous efficiency is low.

There are many types of incandescent, according to the working voltage, there are 6,12,36, and 220 volts and other four, of which 36 volts are low-voltage bulbs for local lighting and carry lighting, in the installation of incandescent bulbs, pay attention to light bulbs Of the operating voltage and line voltage must be consistent, if the mistake of 36 volts connected to the 220-volt line, due to the voltage is too high, the current through the filament is too large, will make the filament burned, on the contrary, if the mistake of 220 volts Access to 36 volts of the line, because the voltage is too low, the light will be no light to light.

Incandescent Bulb (Incandescent Bulb) is the filament heating to the incandescent state, the use of thermal radiation emitted visible light source. Since 1879, the United States Thomas Edison made of carbon fiber (ie, carbon filament) incandescent since the people on the filament material, filament structure, filling gas continuous improvement, Incandescent Bulb luminous efficiency is also increased accordingly. But the luminous efficiency of incandescent and other light parameters than energy-saving lamps, halogen lamps and other new light source is poor, is gradually being replaced by a new light source.

Incandescent bulbs for the earliest mature artificial electric light source, it is the use of filament power fever luminous principle of light.

In general, incandescent light bulb luminous efficiency is low, life is shorter, but the use of more convenient.

The use of incandescent bulbs have been 128 years of history, and that incandescent, we naturally think of the big inventor Edison, he in order to find incandescent filament material, tested over 6000 kinds of materials, the final test with the fine silk A true sense of the Incandescent Bulb, the use of 45 hours after the filament was blown, and later through Edison and later to the continuous improvement of Incandescent Bulbs have more than 3,000 hours of life today.