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Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder Good And Safe Contact Performance

Oct 19, 2017

Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder in the lighting products market occupies a larger proportion. There are various types of lamps in the market, of course their specifications are different.

Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder Classification method, Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder according to different installation methods and materials classification.

The installation method inside is divided into the card mouth, the screw mouth and the straight insert type and so on.

The materials of the Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder are metal, plastic, bakelite, ceramics and so on.

The energy-saving lamps used in our daily life are E27. The socket holder is preceded by a G G10. The direct-insert Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder, which begin with M, include MR16, MR11, and so on. MR16 refers to a luminaire with a multiple reflector lampshade with a maximum od of 2 inches. The digits behind all Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder, such as dimentions and screws, indicate the center distance of the lamp's foot hole. MR11 is smaller than MR16 lamps, E14 is smaller than E27 lamps.

In addition to the above Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder, there are stage lighting Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder and some special materials made of Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder. The concert often use the tube lamp is par lamp, its shortcoming is the use of a small range and power consumption, on the stage will have a kind of roast feeling, now the use of LED lights on the stage mostly. There are many kinds of lamps in the market, which are more common on the stage. Special material of aluminum cold reflective halogen Spotlights are the beginning of the AR lamp holder, tubular metal halide bulb lamp holder with G. According to the material classification of the Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder ABS plastic shell, although it is made of plastic, but after the special treatment, so will not fade. This type of Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder design is more humane, according to customer preferences to plating different colors.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of various types of Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder, relatively speaking, the screw Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder are relatively safe, contact area compact and the card mouth Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder more convenient. The center contact of the screw socket is connected with the FireWire, the installation lamp is to tighten, its contact performance is very good and safe. Now for the sake of safety, most of the Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder and bulbs in the market have been changed into silk mouths. The clamp Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder and bulbs have been rarely called. Conversion lamp Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder are only suitable for LED or low calorific energy-saving lamps, not suitable for the heat of the larger halogen lamps and other lamps. Therefore, the scope of use has some limitations. LED lamps dedicated E26 adapter not only convenient wiring and safe and reliable, but also can add HRB, TE terminals and so on. There are special moisture-proof Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder, the use of a wide range of Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder, not affected by the environment.

Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder specifications are many, small series mainly in this article introduced several main, daily life commonly used species. Different types of Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder have their own advantages and disadvantages, so choose according to the use of the environment.