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Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder Installation To Tighten The Contact Performance Is Very Good

Jul 10, 2017

The energy saving lamp used in our daily life is the E27. E14, E27, E12, E26, etc., beginning with E. The bayonet holder is made of G, such as G10. The straight-through lamp holder is the beginning of M, including MR16, MR11, and so on. MR16 refers to a lamp with a maximum outside diameter of 2 inches with a multi-faceted reflector. The number of the rear of the lampholder, such as the bayonet, the screw, etc.,Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder indicates the center of the lamp hole. MR11 is smaller than MR16 lamps, E14 is smaller than E27 lamps.

In addition to the lamp holder, there are stage lighting lampholders and some special materials made of lampholders. Live lighting is often used in the PAR lamp, its shortcomings is the use of small range and power consumption, there will be a baking on the stage feeling, and now the use of LED lights on the stage mostly. There are more types of downlights on the market, more common on the stage. Special material of aluminum cold reflective halogen spotlights are AR at the beginning of the lamp holder,Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder tubular metal halide bulb lamp holder to G at the beginning. According to the lamp holder material classification ABS plastic shell, although the plastic production, but after special treatment, and therefore will not fade. This lamp holder design more humane, according to the customer's preferences to plating different colors.

(1) in addition to a reasonable purchase of electrical equipment, but also to properly install, and pay attention to the use of voltage must be consistent with the actual line operating voltage. At the same time, the general installation parts do not install in the open air and corrosive gas sites. If you need to install in the open air, you must take rain measures to prevent lower insulation performance.

(2) household appliances used in the kitchen, the best conditions to install the best explosion-proof or closed to prevent gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and other combustible gas fire or explosion.

(3) With a suspended bedside switch,Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder it is necessary to install a device or a flexible sheath on the lead of the wire to prevent the wire from being pulled or broken. But also to prevent the impact or extrusion, destruction of insulation caused by short circuit, causing a fire.

(4) the device used to connect with the wire must be in contact with a solid. To prevent contact resistance is too large, the temperature is too high, causing a fire. Line stripping is strictly prohibited too long, with the screw core wire should also be too long to prevent excessive, to prevent the formation of artificial short circuit. Power cord cross-section must be appropriate; especially with the socket of the lamp holder, because the use of household appliances, power, cross-section is too small will lead to power core heat or even fire. Installed in the kitchen of the lamp holder, wiring around the smoke material accumulation too much, should pay attention to regular cleaning, to prevent short-term caused by smoke oil fire.

(5) near the socket should not accumulate combustible materials,Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder should prevent combustible dust falling. In the plug socket damage, to be replaced in a timely manner, do not use bare wire plug instead of plug into the socket, to prevent short-circuit caused by a fire.

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of various types of lampholders, relatively speaking, screw lampholder relatively safe, compact contact area and bayonet lamp holder more convenient. The central contact of the screw cap is the fire wire, the installation lamp is to be tightened, its contact performance is very good and safe. Now for the sake of safety,Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder most of the lamp holder and bulb on the market are changed to silk mouth. The bayonet lampholders and bulbs have rarely called. The conversion lamp holder is only suitable for LED or other low-calorie energy-saving lamps, does not apply to the larger heat of halogen lamps and other lamps. So the use of a certain degree of limitations. LED lamps dedicated E26 adapter is not only easy to connect and safe and reliable, you can also add HRB, TE terminals and so on. There are special moisture-proof lamp holder, this lamp holder uses a wide range, not affected by the environment.