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Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder The Brightness Is Smooth

May 25, 2017

Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder Lamps and lanterns are home appliances that every family will buy. With the development of technology, in addition to the basic functions of lighting fixtures, there have been a variety of intelligent products such as adjustable light color temperature, human body sensation and so on.

Light, whether in order to be lighting,Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder or to create an atmosphere, always rely on people's eyes to feel, not suitable for light, unqualified lighting, will make the effect of lighting greatly reduced, and may even hurt the human eye.

So, when buying lighting some common sense we must know, in order to scientifically buy a light bulb.

One, suitable for the human eye light source

1, the human eye is a very complex structure of the camera.

Which light into the human eye after the cornea, pupil, lens and other parts will be projected to the retina.

The retina is the connection between visual optics and electrophysiological processes, and when light gathers into the retina, people's vision begins to work.

The photoreceptor cells on the retina can be divided into columnar cells (rod cells) and cones (cones) according to their shape. The rod cells are more sensitive than the cone cells, but the color sensitivity is weak. In low light conditions work.

Cone cells have high resolution of light, but the light sensitivity is low,Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder so generally in the case of high brightness to distinguish the color, the theory that the cone cells mainly on the red, green and blue has a direct response, we see the colorful Are brain fill ...

Thus predecessors have come to an important curve - the relative visual function curve:

This proves that we still like to see the color of nature. For the green light (wavelength 507-555nm) the most sensitive, so something nothing to go to nature to walk.

So what can I know the impact of our vision has three elements: brightness, color, movement speed (flashing)

Then it is from these aspects to judge:

A, light level (brightness, luminous flux, illumination and a series of indicators of the amount of light evaluation)

B, the color level (spectrum, color temperature, color and a series of light color and light reduction of the object to describe the ability of color indicators)

C, luminous form (whether continuous light, etc.)

Too many professional terms do not say, we are still popular say it

You can know the sun's spectrum is continuous, this light color is very suitable for our eyes. Of course, do not wore the sun reading, here is the light color rather than the intensity of sunlight.

Whether it is cloudy or sunny, no one in normal weather will feel eye pain. Well, yes, here seeing is real, the sun is the most suitable for your own eyes. Behind the election Han light source are as close as possible to the sun's light source.

And the sun because there is a huge energy consumption,Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder there has never been any flashing problem. That is to say that the light to the speed, brightness is smooth.

Second, the common home lighting light source types and characteristics

Home is also commonly used in incandescent, energy-saving lamps and LED lights, and as for some other lights such as fluorescent lamps are installed at home are small,Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder not in today's list of considerations.

One, incandescent

1, the working principle: Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder is also called tungsten lamp. Current through the filament to produce a lot of heat, making the filament temperature of 2000 degrees Celsius and above the incandescent state, so called incandescent.

2, the advantages: incandescent light closest to the sun, color is very good, color rendering index of 99 ~ 100; cheap.

3, Disadvantages: incandescent light consumption of energy only about 10% can be converted into light energy, and the rest are in the form of heat loss, and the service life is usually not more than 1000 hours. Two words:

Not energy, short life.

4, strobe

Incandescent Oven Lamp Holder is hot light, so the filament in the light after a certain thermal inertia, but the inertia and filament thickness is proportional to the normal power supply under the premise of incandescent and halogen lamp fluctuations in the frequency and depth can refer to