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Lamp Holders Suppliers

Dec 10, 2017

If you’re looking for lamp holders suppliers, Haimen Xinrong Electric Co., Ltd is a good choice for you!We offer several different types of lamp holder. There are two common types: e14 light bulb holder and g9 halogen lamp holder. The number reference in these types refers to the diameter of the bulb thread, so, for the e14 lamp holder this has a thread diameter of 14mm. E14 light bulb holder is also known as SES (small Edison Screw) lamp holders.

e14 light bulb holder.jpg

e14 ceramic lamp holder.jpg

g9 lamp holders suppliers.jpg

Xinrong also stock the larger version in this range, such as the e27 lamp holder, or GES (Giant Edison screw) lamp holder, but this is not such a common item.

e27 lamp holder.jpg

Lamp Holder Body Materials

Our e14 lamp holder and g9 halogen lamp holder are available in two material options: plastic and ceramic, also known as porcelain. The main difference between two materials is their ability to resist high temperatures.But many customers may also choose the lamp holder based on appearance.Generally you can use the following as a guide for which material to choose: plastic 210ºC (T210), and ceramic up to 230ºC (T230). The higher the wattage of bulb the more heat is generated. For high heat and / or wattage requirements and special use bulbs such as oven lamps, e14 ceramic lamp holder is the best option for you.

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