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Market Identification Methods

Dec 28, 2016

Lighting products on the market is the existence of fakes, in the inferior lighting products not only damage to the Visual acuity of the human eye damage is relatively large, and poor quality of lighting products in use still major risk factors, if its faulty, there burst and are very dangerous. As areas in which to start thinking about quality lighting products consumers need good or bad?

1, material aspects

General incandescent bulb is iron rust, better quality of the lamp is made of aluminum alloy, not rust.

2, filament

Good lighting, is a two-wire, bad lighting generally uses a single wire.

3, brightness

For lamps, if lamp is the machine disposable powder coating, power of brightness is uniform, which the manual powder coating, uneven brightness.

4, price

When you buy lamps not only figure a cheap because the quality and price must be proportional to the.

5, certification

To see their 3C Certification qualifications, and to review its contents.

6, old and new

Innovative products mature technology, buying not only the latest, and ignore the older products.