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Round Oven Lamp Low Temperature, Relatively Safe

Jun 07, 2017

As long as you consider buying an Round Oven Lamp, please buy as much as possible a large Round Oven Lamp, yes, we just like big! General household Round Oven Lamps need more than 30L, at least to be able to put down a whole chicken, or buy an Round Oven Lamp but can not do the chicken, it feels really bitter. Also more important is that the large interior space of the Round Oven Lamp is more fully, the inside of the Round Oven Lamp is better and the food is heated more evenly. The Round Oven Lamp is too small to open the Round Oven Lamp the longer the internal temperature will be higher, the temperature is difficult to control constant, and the height of the small Round Oven Lamp is very low, the food from the heat pipe is very close, it is easy to epidermet coke inside not cooked.

If the kitchen is large, there are renovation plans, you can prepare a 50L above the embedded Round Oven Lamp. Embedded Round Oven Lamp in the heating speed, constant temperature control, the maximum power will be better than the desktop Round Oven Lamp. If the kitchen has been renovated, you can choose more than 35L desktop Round Oven Lamp, if the kitchen is small, but also do some cake or something, the Round Oven Lamp volume is best not less than 25L.

Electronic temperature control is certainly more accurate than the mechanical temperature control, it was said that electronic temperature control is easy to bad, I think as long as the purchase of a guaranteed brand, generally no big problem. To tell the truth, as long as not a professional commercial Round Oven Lamp, home Round Oven Lamp more or less have some temperature difference, it is strongly recommended that everyone prepare an Round Oven Lamp thermometer, very cheap gadgets, may be able to save you countless discs of biscuits cake. In addition to the Round Oven Lamp thermometer, you can more intuitive understanding of their own Round Oven Lamp temper, in the temperature rise and how the performance of the temperature can be clear.

Round Oven Lamp door is best not to choose a single glass door, single-layer glass insulation effect is not good, there will be more heat dissipation, so that the temperature near the Round Oven Lamp door is slightly lower, resulting in uneven heating of food, baked cookies are often the most Of the surface of the biscuits are a bit coke, just near the door just color, roasted cheesecake cake may also appear grading effect, if accidentally encountered is also likely to burn.

It is recommended to choose a double or multi-layer insulated glass door Round Oven Lamp, the insulation effect is good, so that the Round Oven Lamp temperature uniformity, roasted finished product maturity and color uniformity, and the door surface temperature is low, relatively safe.

Basically most of the Round Oven Lamp can choose to open fire, open fire or up and down are open, further function is up and down the fire control the temperature. I think it is enough to control the fire or fire alone, the upper and lower temperature control is not a very necessary function. In particular, the volume of small household Round Oven Lamp, in the actual use of difficult to achieve accurate up and down a separate temperature control. Hot air refers to the hot air circulation in the Round Oven Lamp when heated to help heat convection. If you will roast duck at home, do dried fruit and vegetables, hot air will play a great help to you. Hot air function will make roast duck roast duck more uniform color, the skin is crisp, dried fruits and vegetables in the hot air function of the Round Oven Lamp production time will be shorter. When baking some of the West Point, such as Maccaron, hot air can also make the heat more uniform, so as to enhance the success rate. It is important to note that when the hot air is heated, the heating power in the Round Oven Lamp is increased and the temperature is set to be 10 to 20 degrees lower than the temperature of the upper and lower tube heating modes.

Many quasi-professional home Round Oven Lamps will also increase the steam function, if you often bake European bread, then this will be a very useful function. Toast the bread when spraying water vapor, can help bread grow bigger, the skin is more brittle But this feature is not necessary, no words can also be achieved through artificial water spray, we can choose according to their own needs.

Some embedded Round Oven Lamps will have high temperature self-cleaning function, the principle is to use high temperature (may reach 500 ° C) and hot air will all dirt into ash, and then exhausted through the smoke pipe. High temperature cleaning can remove the most difficult to remove the smell of the Round Oven Lamp, very easy. The only drawback is that the Round Oven Lamp with this feature will be more expensive.