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The Origin Of Light

Dec 28, 2016

Lights before the advent and widespread use of lighting is kerosene lamps or gas lamp. The lamp Burns kerosene or gas, so there is thick black smoke and a pungent smell, and often add fuel, cleaning lamp shades, so it is very convenient. More serious is that this light is very easy to fire tragedies. For years, many scientists tried, wanted to create a safe and convenient way of electric light.

Early 19th century United Kingdom a chemist with a 2000-cell battery and two carbon rods, made the world's first arc lamp. But the light is too strong, and can only be installed on the streets or squares, families cannot be used. Numerous scientists struggle to that end, wanted to create a cheap, durable household light bulb.

The day finally came. On October 21, 1879, a United States inventor by a long period of trial and finally lit up the world's first practical electric light. Since then, the name of the inventor, as he invented the electric light, walked into the home. He was later hailed as the "King of the invention" Edison.