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UV Lamp Sterilization

Dec 28, 2016

1, low pressure ultraviolet germicidal lamps are mainly used for disinfection, and UV-B are mainly used for ultraviolet testing, medical treatment, and so on.

2, strong ultraviolet high pressure UV lamp made from high quality pure quartz tubes made, high UV levels and a lot of penetration, the arc length and photoluminescent can range from 5 cm to 300 cm in length, common power between 30W and 200W per cm, ultra high power UV lamp

200W per cm or above, the light spectrum range between 350-450nm, the main peak is 365nm, there are more than 700 varieties of power by 100W-25kW.

UV lamp life generally refers to the time that operate to maintain enough energy, during the energy gradually decay until the below acceptable range so far, general standards for UV lamp that emits enough UV energy up to 800 hours.

UV ultraviolet curing are widely used in Bamboo flooring, furniture, decorative materials, printing and iron printing canning, plastic coating, signs, circuit boards, optical, and other industries; ultraviolet lamps are also semiconductors, electronic components, LCD, ideal for bonding and curing light.