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What Kind Of Bulb For Oven

Jan 02, 2018

What kind of light bulb for oven´╝čOven bulb is a common incandescent lamp,but the requirement of heat resistant is higher than the average incandescent lamp.Tungsten, lamp and bulb adhesive of the oven bulb need to be able to withstand high temperatures, or else, in the process of using,the bulb's tungsten will evaporate very quickly.

The most widely used oven light is usually produced by Xinrong Electric which is located in Haimen,Jiangsu Province,China,marked with XR.

E14 halogen oven bulb.jpg

Our company produces four kinds of oven light bulbs, respectively E14 halogen oven bulb(18-40w),E14 oven bulb(15w),E14 oven bulb(18-40w) and G9 halogen oven bulb(18-40w).More details can be seen as pictures.

halogen oven bulb.jpg

e14 oven light bulb.jpg

We mainly produce oven lamp holder,at the same time also export large quantities of oven light bulbs, the main export four oven light bulbs mentioned above.We have our own factory, so the price is absolutely fair.And if you have a special type of light bulbs, we also provide customized services.