Oven Lamp Assembly For Cookers

Oven Lamp Assembly for Cookers is also known as X555-43 series oven lamp holder.It is made up of three models:X555-43H,X555-43V,X555-43X.

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Product Introduction

Oven Lamp Assembly for Cookers is also known as X555-43 series oven lamp holder.It is made up of three models:X555-43H,X555-43V,X555-43X.This kind of oven lamp assembly is one of the important parts of oven machines.The main function of oven lamp is to light the barbecue room inside the oven,the lamp holder is used to fix the oven bulb.We can observe the barbecue food clearly with the help of oven lamp.The difference between the three types of X555-43H,X555-43V,X555-43X lamp holder is that the angle of socket is different, as shown in the picture for details.

Product Pictures


E14 X555-43H.jpg


E14 X555-43V.jpg


E14 X555-43X.jpg

Product Parameters

Product Name: Oven Lamp Assembly for Cookers

Model No.: X555-43


Specifications: 2A 250V T300

Glass Cover Diameter: 42mm




Connection Mode: 6.3x0.8mm quick insert(horizontal/vertical / 45 degree Angle)



Applicable Light Bulb: E14 T300 15W/25W

Lamp Holder Material: Ceramic,Stainless Steel

Glass Cover: Soda Lime Glass

Metal Ring: stainless Steel

Operating Temperature: 300℃

MOQ: 5000pcs

Product Applications


1. Independent oven

2. Built-in oven

3. Small oven

4. A gas stove

5. Steam oven (with sealing washer)

6. Industrial oven

7. Other household appliances with lighting needs



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