Rectangular E14 Porcelain Lamp Holder

Rectangular E14 Porcelain Lamp Holder
Rectangular E14 Porcelain Lamp Holder
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We have two types of rectangular e14 lamp holder:X555-705V and X555-708V oven lamp holder.Both of them are our newest design products!The shape of the lamp head is rectangular, and this ceramic holder for lamps is only used for e14 oven lamp.This e14 porcelain lamp holder is widely used in small oven,electrical oven,gas oven,steamer and so on.We also offer e14 oven lamp for you.All of our products are produced by our own factory including oven lamp holder and oven lamp.

Product Pictures

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The only difference between X555-705V and X555-708V is the different connection directions of the base and lamp holder:

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Product Parameters of X555-705V e14 porcelain lamp holder

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Dimensions of X555-705V e14 porcelain lamp holder

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Size of E14 Oven Lamp

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Xinrong Electric is a professional manufacturer of ceramic holder for lamps in China.Don’t worry about the price of our oven lamp holder, because we have our own factory to produce all kinds of oven lamp holder,and the price is the lowest in China!As long as you choose to cooperate with us,you will not be disappointed.

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Welcome to buy or wholesale the high quality and durable rectangular e14 porcelain lamp holder made in China from our factory. Xinrong Electric is one of leading such manufacturers and suppliers in China. And the customized service and the free sample are also available.