High Temperature Resistance Oven Lamp Holder

WGA-54 series oven lamp holder is produced by Haimen Xinrong Electric Co., Ltd which is accepted custom-made products for more than 20years. Our productions includes a full line of i ncandescent bulb, halogen bulb, round oven lamp holder and rectangular oven lamp holder.This...

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Product Description

WGA-54 series oven lamp holder is produced by Haimen Xinrong Electric Co., Ltd which is accepted custom-made products for more than 20years. Our productions includes a full line of incandescent bulb, halogen bulb, round oven lamp holder and rectangular oven lamp holder.This kind of oven bulb holder has performance of high temperature resistance, 1500 hours of work time and no adverse phenomena of poor contact. Welcome to purchase WGA-54 serises oven light bulb holder, and we are looking forward to build successful business relationships with you a lot!

Product Parameters

Model Number

WGA-54H, WGA-54V, WGA-54X, 

Product Material

The Main Body (Insulator)



Mounting Seat

Stainless Steel

Conducting Strip


Stainless Steel

 Lamp Cover

Soda Lime Glass

Dielectric Strength

Between Two Levels


The outer surface


Reliability Work Time

2000 Hours



Place of Origin



OEM Factories,North America,Mid east , Trading Companies, Europe,South America 

Pictures and Dimensions

G9 WGA-54H oven lamp holder.jpg

oven lamp holder.jpg

G9 WGA-54X oven bulb holder.jpg

The dimensions of oven lamp holder

oven bulb holder.png

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Welcome to purchase WGA-54 series oven lamp holder! All of our oven light bulb holder are produced by ourselves and have a complete production system, we also offer customized service!

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Welcome to buy or wholesale the high quality and durable high temperature resistance oven lamp holder made in China from our factory. Xinrong Electric is one of leading such manufacturers and suppliers in China. And the customized service and the free sample are also available.